About Us

Pat Diveney Custom Cues started out very similar to most custom cue makers in which I started offering cue repair services to local players in the Muscatine and Quad Cities Iowa area. Eventually this grew into making custom cues myself. Today I continue to work in a one man shop environment in which I produce as many cues as allowed without compromising quality or workmanship.

Diveney here… as an accomplished pool player I have been shooting for 45 years. I started shooting back when my son got into it and we started selling production cues. I recognized the opportunity in which I felt I could make improvements in pool cues so I started offering cue repairs and then progressed into making cues in 1999. The first cue I made went to a friend of mine in which he won second in the Iowa state tournament with it and we have been making improvements to them ever since. My goal is to be one of the best cue makers in the country. When I am gone I want people to cherish the cues that I made. I have lived in eastern Iowa all my life and have developed a great pool following in this area.

Along with building custom cues we also are a dealer for production model cues ,cases , and accessories. In addition to making cues , we offer on-site cue repair at the Illinois and Iowa State BCA Tournaments and other events in the midwest region.

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